Wrap Myself in You
Leela Grace

Tonight I feel so cold
I wanna feel the heat
Of the flame that rises
When you think you’re all burned out
Tonight I feel so old
I wanna taste the sweet
Of the kiss that surprises
When you’ve forgotten what it’s all about

[chorus] I throw my dreams out loud to the stormy blue
Let it rain and bring down something new
I’ll wrap myself in you

In the house of my first dreams
I listen for the sound
Of the song so sweet and certain
That I’m sure I one time knew
But it is not all what it seems
Forever turning ‘round
I will draw back the curtain
And give myself to you

Sometimes it hurts too much
To love like this
The storm blows full of worry
And I think I cannot stand
But come the softest touch
And the gentle kiss
And we roll like the Missouri
Stronger hand in hand

(© 2007 Leela Grace, BMI)