When You Love Someone
Ellie Grace

[chorus] When you love someone, finally open up your heart
And you let go of your fear just to be torn apart
You spread your wings like a fledgling in her flight
But you’re broken in the end and you crash into the night

When you love that deep, when you take that leap of faith
When you break down all those walls
You step to the edge and believe beyond all reason
That he’ll be there forever to catch you when you fall

You always believed with a love that strong
You could never be torn apart
But the world broke you down and you felt him slip away
‘Til all you had left to hold were broken pieces of your heart

You cannot seem to find a way to say goodbye
Your heart will never understand
How he turned away and forgot you in a moment
Left you caught in mid-flight with no soft place to land

(© 2005 Ellie Grace, BMI)