Common Ground 
Ellie Grace

[chorus] This is the deepest well
That I have ever known
It is the greatest strength
My rock, my solid stone
This is the sweetest home
My heart has ever found
And always you and I
Well we are brought back around
To this place of greatest love
To this love, our common ground

The storm rages on
And the night tosses and turns
But the more the rains fall down
The more this fire burns
For when I hold tight to you
The dark gives way to the dawn
And in the face of such love
The storm it just passes on

You reach out and take my hand
As we drive into the coming day
And through the sky ahead
A star falls to burn the night away
And I believe it fell for you and me
Saying why don’t you let go of your fear
Can’t you see by the light in the east
All the love that you need is right here

And so we’ll travel on
Down this road, not knowing where it ends
And we may get lost in the doubt
As the road it twists and it bends
But I will try to hold on to you
And if we’re lost, well we can circle back around
To the well, to the strength, to the home
To the love and to our common ground

(© 2004 Ellie Grace, BMI)