Only For You 
Ellie Grace

You came to my door and asked to come inside
But I could not let you in, I turned the light off, tried to hide
So you built a fire just outside my door
And I watched from the cold, the growing flames I could not ignore

[chorus] And it was only for you I could brave the flames
And it was only for you I would walk into that wilderness
And only for you dared I dive into those waters
Oh I knew that it was only for you, only for you, only for you

So I moved toward the fire, slowly reaching out my hand
And emerging at our touch was a wilderness, this unknown land
And we walked into the wild, together now, we moved as one
And we stumbled toward the light, searching for our setting sun

So hazel eyes and blue were dancing in the evening sun
And we came to the edge of the canyon where the waters run
And we leapt hand in hand and left our fears on the ledge above
And those walls were swept down by the unexpected strength of love

(© 2003 Ellie Grace, BMI)