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August 2016 E-News:

What’s that sound?
It has been rather quiet on the Leela and Ellie Grace e-mail list, but do not mistake the silence for stillness. We have been on the move and making a joyful noise! Did you know that Leela has a little one who is almost two? Did you hear that Ellie graduated with her MFA in Dance from Smith College? Can you even imagine all of the new songs that have come out of these amazing experiences and fruitful collaborations with other artists? With some exciting duo shows coming up this fall, we decided it was time to give you a shout. We have missed you and hope to see you at a Leela and Ellie concert very soon! Check the end of this message for our upcoming schedule (more dates TBA) or find current tour dates on our revamped website:

What’s around the bend?
We are bound for Alaska! In early September, we will be appearing at the Far North Fiddle Festival in Fairbanks as a trio with the incomparable fiddler Eden Macadam-Somer. This is our first time taking our music and dance to this stunning northernmost state. We invite you to like our Facebook page if you want to follow our Alaska adventures and see ridiculously cute pictures! In mid to late September, we will return to the lower 48 and embark on a small Midwestern tour. We will be performing four intimate concerts (including three in our dear Missouri!), bringing you old favorites and new songs with the same giddy joy at making music together. Look at the dates below and see if we are coming to a town near you! Please feel free to forward this message on to friends and family who live in locales we are visiting this fall.

What’s the story? 
Leela and her partner Seth are parents now! Their little one has already been stealing hearts at festivals, camps, and concerts. As of 2015, Ellie has a Master of Fine Arts degree and has fallen madly in love with teaching dance to undergrads. It is hard to determine which makes Ellie smile bigger, calling her Professor Grace or Aunt Ellie! Leela and her family temporarily relocated to Vermont last year, but are returning to Portland, Oregon this fall so that Leela can resume saving the world by teaching harmony singing, clogging, and banjo to humans of all ages. Ellie was appointed as a Visiting Artist in Dance at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for the spring of 2016. At the end of the academic year, she returned to her Midwestern roots to make a home in Kansas City, where she will be offering classes later this fall. Leela and Ellie have both spent the summer teaching at magical music and dance camps in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Quebec, and New York.

We sure hope to see you somewhere out in that big, wide world! Like our Facebook page if you want updates more than once every few years and send us an e-mail at if you have any questions.

Our best always,
Ellie and Leela