Leela and Ellie Grace


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This beautiful debut duo recording was released in 2003, a result of a lifetime (over 20 years!) of making music!  Produced by Pete Sutherland, this CD features five originals, four traditional songs/tunes, and four covers from other great folk songwriters.  Joined by many of the east coast’s finest musicians, Leela and Ellie find a soaring sound that is full of the heart and energy they have always been known for!

Ellie Grace: mandolin, guitar, fiddle, vocals, and percussive dance
Leela Grace: banjo, guitar, vocals, percussive dance, and shakers
Colin McCaffrey: acoustic, electric, and nylon-string guitars
Harry Aceto: upright bass and electric bass
Phil Carr: drums, conga, and floor tom
Jeremiah McLane: piano accordion
Stefan Amidon: djembe and snare drum
Pete Sutherland: fiddle, guitar, and piano

1. Echoes of the Ancients (Leela Grace)
2. Song Unsung (Ellie Grace)
3. Shady Grove/ Half Past Four (trad.)
4. Never Forgotten (Leela Grace)
5. Song That Bird Sings (Carla Sciaky)
6. Ducks on the Millpond/Julianne Johnson (trad.)
7. In My Name (You Shall Love) (Leela Grace)
8. Down in the Valley to Pray (trad.)
9. You’re Aging Well (Dar Williams)
10. More Love (Tim O’Brien/Gary Nicholson)
11. Goddess (Leela Grace)
12. Streets of Gold (Robin & Linda Williams)
13. Sundown/Sleepy Lu (trad.)

“Leela and Ellie Grace soar off this disc like a breath of fresh air in the smoky atmosphere of singer-songwriters.  This lively recording, exquisitely produced by Pete Sutherland, is truly a joy to behold. . . . If you’re hesitant to take a chance on new artists, rest assured this CD will leave you in a state of grace.” — Sing Out!

“This is a delightfully charming recording by sisters Leela and Ellie Grace, children of long-time folk performers Paul & Win Grace.”– Dirty Linen.

“Leela and Ellie Grace rush in as a breath of fresh air to folk music, creating a musically infectious CD full of great songs, thrilling harmonies and convincing performance.” – Rich Warren, host of The Midnight Special

“I expected it would be good, but it really exceeded any expectation I might have had. The arrangements are perfect, the production elegant, and the harmonies so rich they moved me deeply.” — Steve Jerrett, Host of “The Sunday Morning Coffeehouse” on KOPN, Columbia, MO

“I am really speechless.  And breathless for that matter. I have listened to your CD at least 10 times since yesterday and it honestly brings tears to my eyes.  The professionalism, the mixing, the studio musicians . . . geez it’s just so TIGHT!  The photography is beautiful, the design of the CD (I especially like the photo on the CD itself).  But mostly, I love it because IT TOUCHES MY HEART and I want to thank you for that.  I still cry every time I hear In My Name.  I can really hear the passion in your voices and that is so cool. . . .Thank you for making this record, for putting words to the feelings we all share, and for writing/singing/ and performing songs that enrich the lives of all who hear them.”  — Leigh Anne Lockhart, host of “World Woman” on KOPN, owner of Main Squeeze Natural Foods Cafe