This second CD from sisters Leela and Ellie Grace is a smart and harmonious set, mostly comprising original songs with a bright sound and an uplifting outlook.  Their blend of complementary mountain-clear voices recalls the sound of groups like the Wailin’ Jennies and Uncle Earl, and the arrangements featuring mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and guitar also place them firmly in the modern American roots realm…”  — Dirty Linen Magazine.

“Leela and Ellie Grace have been wowing audiences most of their lives. Growing up in a musical family they are not only steeped in traditional American music but bring it alive for any audience, young or old, with their with their youthful exuberance and fine musicianship.” – David Holt, Grammy Award-winning musician and entertainer

“I received “Where the Waters Run” and just have to tell you what an exquisite recording this is.  Your vocals just keep getting better and better, and the way your voices wind around each other is jaw-dropping. Your instrumental talents are, of course, outstanding and I have to say that I was extremely impressed with your songwriting.  There is great depth and insight there…Your work is among the freshest and best anywhere on the American folk music scene.”— Kent Anderson, Folk DJ, KCSC

“Leela and Ellie Grace soar off this disc like a breath of fresh air in the smoky atmosphere of singer-songwriters.  This lively recording, exquisitely produced by Pete Sutherland, is truly a joy to behold. . . . If you’re hesitant to take a chance on new artists, rest assured this CD will leave you in a state of grace.” — Sing Out!

“This is a delightfully charming recording by sisters Leela and Ellie Grace…The two have strong, expressive voices that harmonize well together…” — Dirty Linen Magazine.

“Stunning”  — Cosy Sheridan, musician

“Leela’s and Ellie’s singing is clear, pitch-perfect, and expressive. ‘Soaring’ is a word that comes to mind. They sing like a couple of birds, that is, in a very natural and enthusiastic manner.” — Pat Walke, The Old Time Herald

“The music truly runs in your veins , surges its way out to us on the dance floor and causes our bodies to stomp, jump, tap, spin, sway and shout!” –Pam Carson, Stringdancer

They [The Hepsteppers: Leela and Ellie Grace and Rayna Gellert] have a groove so deep you could drive a tractor in it.”  — John McCutcheon, musician

“Two of the finest and most entertaining cloggers around.”  — The Rock River (IL) Friends of Folk Music

“Their sterling credentials in old-time music, stunning vocal harmonies, instrumental expertise on banjo, mandolin, guitar and fiddle, and clogging that is unmatched make them a hit wherever they play!” — Fox Valley Folk Music and Storytelling Festival